Sunday, 31 May 2015

Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton review

Title: Unspeakable
Author: Abbie Rushton
Published by: Atom Books
Publication date: 7th February 2015
Length: 279 pages
Genres: YA, Contemporary, Romance, LGBT Romance, Mystery
Format: Paperback, Hardback, Audio book, ebook
Source: Kindle Edition
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This is a book that one that I would have devoured when I was younger purely for it's engaging mystery that left my head spinning in the last few chapters, because I had no idea what was coming. This is a book I devoured now for that reason, but also because of the beautifully told romance between Jasmine and Megan. 

Megan will capture your heart instantly, with Rushton writing her in such a realistic, endearing way that you can't stop reading - you want to hear more of her story, and you won't want to stop until you've finished the book completely.  The fact that she is mute throughout most of the story is also written really well by Rushton - it isn't written in a way that lessens her, but shows her strength as a person, because she has managed to survive the death of a close friend, and it also adds more suspense to the story, as we wonder why Megan is no longer speaking, and what she is really hiding. The fact that the book is her thoughts also adds another great element to the book - we read her thoughts and emotions, and so they become amplified, to the extent that I nearly cried many times,just  as she did - because I became so connected to her as a character, and just really felt for her.

The relationship between Megan and Jasmine is beautiful too. Not only because it's portrayed as a a healthy relationship between two girls, but also because we get to witness Megan's crush beforehand, and not just the two being in a relationship. It was just really nice and refreshing to see an LGBT relationship - between two girls, even - be portrayed in the same honest way that any other romantic relationship would. It just added something special to the book, and another great dimension to the mystery that unravelled throughout the novel. It became even more suspenseful and gripping, because the lovely relationship is interwoven, and shows just how much Megan has to lose because of her secret. 

The mystery itself is brilliant too - it left me eager to finish the book, and shocked to the core when I found out the truth. I don't think I've ever been so shocked by a mystery in a novel, which is just another reason why Rushton has crafted a great novel with 'Unspeakable' - there are just so many reasons why it deserves a read, with it's gripping mystery being one of them.

Overall, this was a quick, sweet, endearing read that will shock you and make your heart soar. I wholeheartedly recommend it. 



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