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Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind - Andy Robb review!

This is my twenty sixth review for the BBC! :)

Title of the book: Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind
Date Published: 4th June 2012
Publisher: Stripes Publishing
Length of book: 352 pages
Author of the book: Andy Robb
Price: £6.99 (paperback)
Series: Geekhood (Don't hold me to that, though).
Follow up: TBC.
Where I got the book: I recieved this book from the brilliant author who contacted his publisher just I could get a review copy. Thanks, Robb! I'm really grateful! Thank you :)
Genre: Comedy, YA.
Avaliable on: Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and all good retailers!

This is the front cover of the book:

My honest opinion of this cover? It's fabulous! :) I love all the bright colours, and the way that the characters are represented on the front - in the doodle, sketchy way. (The only criticism I have about is the fact that in the book, Archie's hair is blond. However his hair on the cover is brown, but that doesn't falter my opinion that this cover is fab!) It's really clever and eye-catching at the same time. I also like the way that there are little symols in the title too, like the game dice, and paint brush. They're really clever little windows into the book - and really made me smile when I saw them. I love things like that on book covers - It shows that lots of effort has been put into the cover and I really like that. This is just a billiant cover, really. I could look at it all day! I hope that if Geekhood gets a sequel, the cover will be just like this or, even better.

The story itself is about a 14 year old boy called Archie. Just a normal teenage boy having to deal with normal teenage things - an annoying stepfather, a terrifying Grunt of a bully at school - apart from one simple thing - Archie is a Geek.
He spends his time painting small figures, hanging out with his equally Geeky friends, or browsing new figures in The Hovel.
That is, until he meets someone there that he never expected to see. A girl. And not just any girl - A beautiful one.
Suddenly Archie has a brand new Quest on his hands - To woo this vision of beauty and shake off his Geekhood for good.
Girl meets Geek, what could possibly go right?!

This book is a comedic and heart-warming novel about the reality of teenage life, but with a Geeky twist thrown in. I wouldn't miss!

Now.. I have a confession.

I am a Geek.

Yup, though I'm not into miniture paiting like Archie, if you start talking to me about Doctor Who I could chat to you for hours! (So, yes - total Geekette, here!)
So as soon as I heard about Geekhood I knew I would love it - it sounded like basically all you'd wish for in a book and now, after reading it, I can confirm that it definitely is, and more! I really, really loved it, and found it really hard to write this review! (I really need to learn to deal with the absolute epicness of books better!) But, yes, this really was epic. It was written really well by Robb, each character was extremely real and I sympathised with every single one, (yes, even some of the lesser feautured ones - they were just presented so well in the parts they were in!) and the whole book was fantastic - I was hooked from the first page right up until the last! That really is a sign of an awesome book! (and author!)

Another great thing about this book? - it was hilarious! The dry wit of Archie's IM - Interior Monologue, read the book to find out more! - (so glad that I'm not the only one that has one) had me in stitches! The whole idea to put the IM into the book was genius and gives the book extra orginality (and points from me!) I applaud Robb for it.
It's not just the IM that was an excellent idea either, although the PS - Physic Self, again read the book to find out more! - was not as funny (no spoilers, go and read the book!) it was still very clever in the way it was written, and really impressed me in the way that you could see Archie's character shift and change with each page after the transition from IM to PS - and this left me really impressed. It was fabulous writing from Robb. I know they'll both go far - and they really deserve to!

The whole idea of the story is also absolutely incredible! - it was so original, and a real breath of fresh air! I wish I'd of thought of it, though to be honest I wouldn't have written it half as good as Robb did! Every page was so entertaining or emotional that I couldn't stop reading, it was so true to life, too. There are some stories that are so far-fetched when they're supposed to be real life. But Geekhood was amazing! I could really imagine this being a geek teenage boys blog!  I really, really, really hope that there is a sequel! Pretty please?

My favourite part from this book would definitely have to be the heart-warming part were Archie and his Dad finally, really talk to each other. It was written so touchingly perfect by Robb. So much so that I was even tearing up at certain points! This whole part is my favourite and I will certainly make sure, that when I do re-read Geekhood that I have some tissues ready for me when I get to it!

My favourite character from this book would have to be Archie! He is so Geeky, which is so great! To read about a character that I could familarise with in that way was a lovely feeling. However that wasn't the only reason that I really like this character - he is also one of the most believeale boy characters that I have read about in a long time. Why? Because he has flaws and doesn't care. I'm sick of boy characters that try to hide from their flaws, but Archie, no! He is just like a real person - and that is why I he is my favourite character. He was written so impressively by Robb, he really is a top class author! Also, Archie is so real that I could imagine him walking down the street! He might actually be my favourite teenage boy character ever! I really, really hope I can read more about him soon! *wink, wink*

So if you'd like to read a sensational comedic YA novel that'll do much more than make me laugh, then this is absolutely the book for you! If you have any doubts about this book, please, please go and read it NOW! You will not regret it. It has definitely gone on my Best Books Ever list, and it should be on yours too! I have already recommended this to all my Geeky friends (and even non-Geeky friends, as you don't have to be a Geek to enjoy this brilliant book, you know!) and they absolutely love it, and I'm sure you will, too!
I would give this book an age rating of 13+ and a personal rating of 9/10! :)

Thanks for reading!

W-O-W xoxoxo

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