Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Introducing.. Iamsleepless

*Please ignore the fact that this is terribly written. This isn't about my writing, this is about a fantastic artist that I believe should get recognition, so just keep that in mind, thanks!*

Hey everyone,

Again, sticking with the book theme that is developing on this blog (not complaining) I am going to introduce a extremely underrated artist that really inspires me when I'm writing, and any other time, for that matter.

That artists name is.. (guessed yet?) *drumroll* Iamsleepless!

First off, what an absolutely beautiful and inspiring name that is! I think it makes you enjoy his music even more.

Dylan, 20, from the USA. Also known as Iamsleepless. He has made lots of songs and a few albums.

There is really no way to describe his music and give it justice at the same time, it is absolutely magical. It really makes you think about life and everything around you, while at the same time, makes you feel like you've fallen into a dream. Most are beautiful kind of instrumental songs but occasionally he can upload songs which he writes and sings himself (these are just as wonderful but personally I prefer the instrumental songs.) His raw talent in making music is breath taking.

I asked him himself on his official Facebook page (see below for link) on what genre he would describe his music as, and he says that most Iamsleepless songs are downtempo electronica, but I just call them all masterpieces.

He is an extremely, extremely underrated artist, and I urge you too buy his material if you can, or if you'd prefer, donate to his Paypal, which can be found on his Facebook page. He also gives a shout out to all who donate so it won't go unnoticed.

My personal favourite Iamsleepless songs are:
But I adore all of his songs!

I don't really know what to say except please check out his YouTube channel: BananaPieLord, which can be found here! He has also made and co-made albums, are avaliable on iTunes (sorry I can't get a link for that oneD':) and his bandcamp, which can be found here! I strongly recommend you check out these, and don't forget his Facebook page, which you can find here!

He really, really does deserve more fans!

Thanks for all the great songs Dylan, and please keep on making them!

Thanks for reading,
W-O-W xoxoxoxo

PS. Dylan if you read this (which is not likely at all) sorry its absolutely rubbish, I hope it gets you more fans though, you deserve it!


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